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Sue SmithSue Smith

She’s the “Sue” in Sue's Recycling. Sue has done a little bit of everything since she started the company in 1993, but today she mainly oversees the daily operations and handles most of the administrative duties involved in the business. She covers a lot of ground during the week, and she jokes that her vehicle is her second office. When she’s not at work, Sue enjoys working in her yard, fishing in her pond, and visiting with her friends.

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Jim SmithJim Smith

Jim has also been involved in the business since the beginning. Over the years, his job description has included just about every task imaginable, but today most of Jim’s time is spent managing the sales and service operations for commercial and industrial customers. He also oversees the maintenance of the truck fleet. Like Sue, Jim’s job requires a lot of time on the road, but he can still be found in the office a couple days a week. When he’s not working, Jim enjoys spending time with his family, playing poker, and watching his favorite NASCAR driver.

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Taylor SmithTaylor Smith

Taylor became actively involved in the operations of the business in 2006. His time is spent managing the receivable accounts—handling tasks such as billing, collections, and reporting. He maintains the data network and computing infrastructure for the company. Taylor also works closely with several third-party vendors and service providers to keep things in the office running smoothly. When he’s out of the office, Taylor enjoys outdoor activities such as swimming, running, and playing tennis.

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