Residential Recycling & Waste Services

Whether you prefer to provide your own container or use one of ours, our curbside service option is ideal for single‐family households. Residential customers are picked up once per week.


Our poly-cart containers are very easy for customers to move and are designed to keep animals and insects out of your trash. These carts feature a hinged lid that can be fastened closed and rest on wheels for easy transport to and from the curb. There are two different sizes available, and they are approximately two and three times the size of a traditional trash can. Please see our container options page for more details.

Hand Pickup

Customers who prefer to use their own garbage cans may do so with our hand pickup service option. With this type of service, customers set their bagged garbage at the curb on their normal pickup day. It is not necessary to have the trash in a container as long as it is bagged. Some customers may choose to use a container to prevent animals from scattering their garbage, but that is a matter of personal preference. Please ask our office about details and limitations.


Dumpsters may also be set for residential use. Please visit our Commercial Service page for more information about these containers.

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